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Actress Replacement
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Tasks: Painting-out Actress, Reconstructing BG, Animating, Keying, Color Correction, Relighting, Contact Shadows Rebuild, Rotoscoping, Tracking, Match-moving, Matching Grain





Zombie Blade
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Tasks: Geometry Tracking, Rendering 3D Blade (Modeling, Texturing, Interactive Reflection, Shading, Lighting, Animation), Integrating Multi-passes of Blade, Motion Blur, Adding Wound, Digital Makeup, 3D Projection, Color Correction, Integrating 2D Blood Elements, Stylization (Adding Dirt, Lens Flare, Chromatic Aberration), Rotoscoping, Matching Grain





Logo Replacement & HUD
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Wall Replacement
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  • Mari.png


Tasks: 3D Tracking, Luminance Keying, Color Replacement, Cleaning BG, Logo Replacement, Reflection Rebuild, Adding HUD, Color Correction, Lens Distortion, Adding Dirt, Adding Video Treatment (Chromatic Aberration, Noise), Matching Grain






Tasks: 3D Camera Tracking, 3D Projection, Designing Wall, Integrating 2D Assets, Color Correction, Motion Blur, Rotoscoping, Matching Grain





Rod Removal
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Tasks: Painting-out Rods, Reconstructing BG, Tracking, Match-moving, Rotoscoping, Matching Grain





Sign Replacement
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Tasks: 3D Tracking, Cleaning BG, Replacing Signs, Matching Color, Shadow Rebuild, Chromatic Aberration, Rotoscoping, Matching Grain





The Divergent Series: Allegiant (Trailer)
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Tasks: Rotoscoping what's outside of greenscreen






  • nukeIcon.png


Tasks: Rebuilding BG, Keying, Color Correction, Integrating 2D Elements, Retiming, Motion Blur, Adding Lightning Effect, Rotoscoping, Tracking, Match-moving, Matching Grain






Burning House
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Tasks: 2D Tracking, Integrating 2D Elements (Fires, Embers, Burn Marks, Debris), Interactive Light, Color

Correction, Digital Makeup, Adding Smokes, Adding Heat Distortions, Rotoscoping Actors, Matching Grain






Digital Makeup
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Reflection Paintout
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Tasks: Adding Skin Texture, Compositing Bruises and Scratches, Reconstructing Eyes and Mouth, Color Correction, Grid Warping, Rotoscoping, Matching Grain






Tasks: Painting-out Camera, Reconstructing BG, Keeping Camera Shadow, Saving Dirt, Tracking, Match-moving, Color Correction, Rotoscoping, Matching Grain




Muzzle Fire
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Tasks: Integrating 2D Muzzle Fire Elements, Interactive Light, Color Correcting, Matching Grain





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